Retire Dianne Feinstein

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Personification of Institutonal Decay

It's been nearly 3 MONTHS since Senator Feinstein has been present in Congress, and the consequences have been devastating. Feinstein, 89, the senior Senator from California, serves as a member of the powerful Senate Judiciary committee. Her absence since FEBRUARY 16TH receiving treatment for shingles has resulted in critical legislation being stalled, key federal judges remaining unappointed, and inflation spiraling out of control. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are capitalizing on this opportunity to pass draconian, discriminatory laws against non-white and LGBTQ+ communities; most disturbing of which is Florida's SB-254: a policy which effectively enacts a genocide of transgender youth, allowing the state of Florida to separate transgender individuals from their families.

Politicians can be missing for over two months and keep their jobs while regular people get fired on the spot? HOLD Senator Feinstein accountable for her absence - pick up the phone and demand she RETIRE NOW#FireFeinstein

— RETIRE DIANNE FEINSTEIN (@3strikeus) May 2, 2023

Don't let Senator Feinstein's staff try and silence YOUR VOICE. Call now and DEMAND action!